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Someone Flying Business Class
The loyalty leisure experts
Dedicated to creating brand-differentiating workforce and guest allegiance strategies for hospitality worldwide
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We help global travel, tourism and lodging enterprises elevate the guest experience to brand-differentiating, fame-making levels of consistent excellence. 
It’s a culture of community that takes workforce and guest relations to a level of allegiance that transcends the accepted ‘servers and served’ model of hospitality. Loyalty Leisure is equality of purpose for hosts and hosted. The evolution of extraordinary engagement and a shared, common vision between paid personnel and paying guests to create an establishment of inclusions, where aspiration to become employed is matched only by the ambition to become privileged members of a very special club. It’s a heritage hospitality. Loyalty Leisure!
Service excellence at the heart
of everything we do
Many of our heritage guests, returning year after year, actually began their holiday and travel experiences with us in 1979. Their commitment to investing precious leisure time with us over four decades is matched only by our dedication to ensuring each and every one of their stays is as fun, memorable and amazing as their last. That’s Leisure Loyalty. And it’s an art. One we are proud to have crafted, curated and mastered and now invite you to embrace.
Brooker Consulting is dedicated to creating solutions for domestic and international hospitality and across the whole of the travel and tourism sector. This includes food and beverage start-ups and established businesses, scale-ups and corporates encompassing hotels, bars and restaurants worldwide. 
We nurture innovation and develop talent. We devise key strategies for success. At the heart of what we do is a passion for great guest experiences borne out of the greatest asset you have – the people you work with.
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Brooker Consulting is the brainchild of Nick Brooker, a UK and Austrian based hotelier. Nick isn’t just a consultant he invests in and operates his own family-run, multi-award-winning hotel, high in the Austrian alps and has enjoyed a hugely successful career in the hospitality business. In fact more than four decades of dedication to excellence in leisure, tourism and hospitality.
With an impressive roll-call of achievement, including hands-on ownership and custodianship of highly acclaimed specialist tour operations and multi-award-winning alpine resort hotels, bars and nightclubs. Nick knows a thing or two about creating successful customer-centric, service-led hospitality. From brand forming, through forensic recruitment processes, to obsessional consistency – the Brooker Consulting mythology. And Nick’s is a story of heritage. Of up-close and personal, frontline experience. Of learning and application that can only accrue over time. His is a story of imparting his methods and proven capacity to achieve stellar levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty always.’
Not just a Consultant
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How we work,
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Getting to know you
Getting to know you and those who work with you and your business, no matter how big or small. Our findings and recommendations will lead to a strategy that establishes where your businesses weak points are – and strengths and where we might take you. Kick start a chat with an email or phone call or simply complete the intro form on our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.
Looking at how we might help
It may simply be some tweaking at the edges, a discussion about the bricks and mortar of the business – a changing of the guard in terms of design, furniture and corporate identity. It might be a more root and branch approach. It might be all about the finances or the local competition. We can help with all this and so much more. Getting the right culture within your business and nurturing people is, without doubt the greatest asset you have. We can help you nurture both in the right way.
From simple restaurant or bar to something much bigger
We’re all about ‘personal’. Ours is a service ideally suited to a family run bar, restaurant, bed and breakfast or small hotel. It’s a service equally at home and accessible to much larger hospitality businesses. After all the same fundamental principles apply.
Service led – always. It’s all about the staff
It really is. It’s a people industry and getting staffing right goes a long way to helping your business succeed. The service element of what you do is absolutely fundamental. It’s the key taking your business to a higher level.
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Stay Connected with us
If you have a question or want to get in touch simply complete our contact form. You might prefer to send us an email.
You might simply want to give us a call. We’re happy to help in any way we can and look forward to hearing from you.
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